What is it

A method developed by Dr Hulda Clark between 1989-1994, using radio wave frequencies to breakdown viruses, bacteria and parasites - including candida.

How does it work?

All parasites, bacteria and viruses have a frequency (between 77-900 KHz).  So, a frequency generator (similar to those used by radio engineers) set to the same frequency as the invading pathogen, will cause a fatal vibration to the organism; it will be destroyed.

In the same way an opera singer can shatter glass; the frequency of the vibration of her voice matches the molecules of the glass, causing it to shatter.

What do I use it for in my practice?

If pathogens are detected kinaesthetically you will be asked to hold two copper handles, which are attached to a radio engineer’s frequency generator.  The sound waves pass through your body, and destroy the pathogen.

The process is completely harmless - you won’t even feel a vibration.


A pathogen that tests positive kinesthetically at the beginning of treatment will commonly test negative by the end of treatment.  This will concur with blood tests.

The absence of the pathogen allows the patient's natural healing abilities to strengthen so they can fend off recurrent invasions. One treatment maybe sufficient, however generally patients find it will take a course of treatment (including acupuncture, frequency therapy and perhaps EFT and supplements) for more persistent problems, where the immune system is compromised.