Formerly as a manager of teams of people in the commercial world, I was struck by the fact that health symptoms and absenteeism directly correlated to stress, either from the workplace or from personal circumstances.  Additionally I was intrigued by the qualities that were common in people who were successful and happy.

I researched and studied what makes us ill, what makes us well and what makes us excel in our lives. Through work with many different patients, I have seen repeatedly how our emotions and self-belief interact with our physical bodies and impact on our health and what we are able to achieve - or are not able to achieve.

My intention for my patients is to get the quickest resolution of symptoms, and enable them to achieve their personal vision of success and happiness in their lives. My treatments encompass a highly effective mix of disciplines: acupuncture, EFT, kinesiology, Bach Flowers, Frequency Therapy, NLP and Coaching.  Few practitioners work with this breadth of disciplines.

I write for various publications and have appeared on radio programmes talking about health, happiness and success.

I am an acupuncture graduate of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading. I hold a BSc(Hons) degree in acupuncture; a 3,600 hour course including extensive supervised clinical practice. I am qualified in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture. I am also a member of the Register of Allergy Therapists (MRAT),founded by Jackie and Tony Norton, at Prestberries.

I qualified in Advanced Gold Standard EFT with Tina Craig, the daughter of Gary Craig, the founder of EFT. 

My NLP experience was developed over two years with Ian McDermott of ITS.  My business and life coaching was developed by Ian McDermott and Jan Elffie of ITS.


  • MBAcC Member British Acupuncture Council
  • BSc(Hon) (Acupuncture) College of Integrated Chinese Medicine / Kingston University
  • MRAT Member Register of Allergy Therapists
  • ACEP Member - Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
  • ACEP EFT Certified Advanced Practitioner (Gold Standard EFT)
  • ACEP EFT Certified Practitioner (Gold Standard EFT)
  • AAMET Level 2
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Life coach and Business Coach
  • NADA Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist