I am not taking on any new patients, but have left all the information for your benefit, it may help you.


How to feel good in a stressful world

For most of us life is extremely busy, and often stressful.
I find whatever the symptoms: migraine, allergies, tummy problems (IBS), menstrual problems, weight issues, etc - stress is the common theme.

I treat with any combination of:

As a first step with my treatments, I aim to achieve a tangible improvement to your symptoms, and longer-term, to help you feel physically and emotionally balanced, no matter what life throws at you.

Over 70% of people come through referral by other people.

In this website, I am offering as much information as possible about common complaints, ways of treating health problems and many tips and tools that might help you feel better; even if we never meet.


What I commonly treat:


The World Health Organisation lists diseases or symptoms for which acupuncture has been proven to be effective, (through controlled trials).



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